A movement of blog…

I’m announcing my blog has moved.

It is now located here:


I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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Does science really need maths?

Given my recent tyraid about numerology I felt it was prudent to cover the counter crackpot.  Also, for those of you who care, you can follow me on twitter to find some interesting science tweets and when I post a new blog post.

These are people who believe maths is not required for modern science and that they have over turned some well known and understood theory with their own idea.  This is normally conducted without any knowledge of the theory or supporting evidence for the theory they are claiming to have overturned past why you might identify by reading science articles in the Daily Mail newspaper…

These people often suffer from delusions of grandeur or believe that science is a big conspiracy.  Here I shall ignore this and concentrate more on why it is flawed to think that way about any subject.  Again though, I’m a physicist, so this will be coming from a physics perspective…

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The thesis that never was – Advice to postgraduates

Or more to the point, avoiding having a thesis that never was.

I’m now a fourth year PhD student, doing physics, coming to the end of my time, clearly using my time well writing a blog post.  During my time leading up to starting and in the first few years many people gave me many bits of advice.  Some as a joke, some serious.

I have done the same to those who have followed in my footsteps and propose to discuss the most useful below.   I’m a physicist, and this is written from my perspective, but I would hope that they can be stretched out wider into the other sciences and perhaps beyond…

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Patterns are not enough – Numerology

Numerology, the art of putting numbers together to get out other numbers and being convinced you’ve discovered something brand new…

Or something like that.

If you are unsure about what I’m talking about here please take a quick look at the wikipedia article on numerology. This seems to cover it quite well. But I shall explain how I most often come across it. And a possible root cause, or at least a push for those who are likely to fall this way .

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It’s all about me…

I feel I should take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain a bit about where I would like this blog to go.

I’m a fourth year PhD postgraduate student in the UK.  For those of you from other places this means several things. Continue reading

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